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South Africa's Most Exciting Online Auction Site: The Amazing Auction Platform


Looking for a robust and reliable auction site? Perhaps you're hoping to make a bit of money by auctioning some of the old items lying around your home that you simply have no use for? Or possibly you're seeking a specific piece of memorabilia to add to your growing collection? Introducing Amazing Bids: South Africa's newest and most exciting online auction site, with thousands of items on sale from sports memorabilia and rare South African coins to antique furniture and second hand electronic devices.

Below we'll take a closer look at how Amazing Bids works and what you need in order to purchase or sell items via our website.

Getting started on our auction site

Getting started is as easy as registering your account on our website. Simply fill out our online registration form and select the subscription package you'd like more on this subscription service later. Once you've successfully registered your account, you're free to list or search products that you're looking to buy or sell. Remember to follow our guidelines in terms of labelling goods so that potential buyers are clear on the product being offered.

How does our system work?

Unlike many of the other auction sites out there today, Amazing Bids doesn't require a micro-transaction every time you successfully purchase or sell an item. You will instead pay a flat monthly subscription fee to use our service. This means that you can literally make hundreds of transactions every month without needing to pay a service fee for every transaction you make. We also offer you a free trial month when you first sign up, allowing you to get a feel of our services before making a financial commitment.

Selling or searching for second hand products to buy has never been easier:

  • Selling Online:

    Selling on Amazing Bids online auction site is a simple, straightforward and effective process. Simply upload a description of the product you wish to sell as well as images, pricing and the duration of the auction. All items will be separated into various categories including Buy Now, Hot Deals, Classifieds or Auctions.

  • Buying Online:

    The buying process on Amazing Bids works similarly to other auction websites out there. Simply search for the category or product you're looking for. Once you've found what you're looking for, you can submit your bid or your offer it's as simple as that.

Contact us to find out how you can start using our amazing new online platform or auction site.