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THe online auctions available on Amazingbids can be described as everyone's Favorite Trading Platform both Locally and Internationally, where a community of Buyers and Sellers get together in a secure and well structured Marketplace, trading between both parties can be done with piece of mind and without hassle or worry about their Transactions taking place. With Amazingbids built in Escrow Service these Transactions can be done easily and confidently, both Buyer and Seller will have full view of their Transactions and will know exactly how far their Deal is to being concluded successfully, Amazingbids will have full control of the funds being Transferred between both parties ensuring that both the Buyer and Seller receive what is due to them. If Both Buyer and Seller choose not to use Our Escrow Service, alternative Payment Gateways are Offered.

Amazingbids does not sell any goods itself but only provides the Service and Platform on which to conduct all Trade between Buyer and Seller.
As a Seller you can List any Item you would like to sell utilizing all the necessary Tools at your disposal provided by Amazingbids, when listing you will need to provide your description and pricing of the item together with Images and the opening and closing time of the Auction. Items can be categorized into Buy now, Hot Deals, Classifieds or Auction formats, these will then be browsed by potential buyers.

When a Sale is concluded between Buyer and Seller Amazingbids then brings both parties together to Finalize there Deal.
Amazingbids does not Charge any Success Fee/Commission for Sales taking place, we only Charge a Flat Subscription Fee available in various Packages for you to Choose from, this also Includes our Escrow Service and Unlimited Listings for the Duration of your Package. This is a Huge Savings for Sellers Conducting Trade on Amazingbids, there is also a Wallet option for Sellers Convenience to use for Listing Enhancements. All Classified Formats are Free and do Not form Part of the Subscription Package. Amazingbids also Provides its own Social Network which is very Uniquely Structured for Buyers and Sellers getting together for Personal or Business Aspects, Amazingbids does not Force Advertising Media into our Social Network Platform, but instead leaves this Choice to its Members, if you Choose to Participate in Advertising the Rewards will be Pleasing. At Amazingbids you also Get a One Month Free Trial when Joining, plus $ 600

in Your in-Site Wallet which can be Used for Listing Enhancements. This will Benefit Sellers a Lot.

Amazingbids also provides to both the Seller and Buyer an Incentive point system, which works on Positive Feedback points from either Buyer or Seller. Points are accumulated by either Buying or Selling items and then submitting your Feedback, which is compulsory on Amazingbids as this encourages a healthy working environment for both parties doing business. Once you have accumulated a Certain Amount of points Designated by Amazingbids, you will be informed and directed to the Vault of Amazingbids, this is where you will be Rewarded your prize which will be revealed to you once you have clicked on it. When you have claimed your prize the points will be reset and the process begins again as you accumulate more points, the higher up the Ranking system you are placed the bigger the prizes become. Negative Feedback points will bring you down on your Ranking which will obviously have a negative impact on your Status, in case of Negative Feedback valid reasons will have to be submitted. So therefore Integrity will have to be maintained between both Buyer and Seller, as Classifieds are a Free Service this will Not form Part of the Ranking and Bonus Point System. With Amazingbids you get Rewarded for your efforts and good conduct, moving up the Ranks as either Buyer or Seller is now a Great enjoyment and Challenge for both parties.

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